Entry and stay in Romania

General Information on Romania’s Visa Regulations in Preparation for UEFA EURO 2020


For citizens of Afghanistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Myanmar and for residents of these countries planning to travel to Romania, it is compulsory to vaccinate antipolio.

Persons in the mentioned categories who apply for Romanian visas will be required the certificate of international vaccinations on which antipolio vaccination is notified.

Failure to provide this evidence will result in the refusal of the entry visa.

Visa applications can only be submitted to the diplomatic missions and consular posts of Romania.

Categories of third-country nationals who can apply for Romanian visas: 

  • Nationals of the state of residence;
  • Third-country nationals who have their domicile or residence in the state where the diplomatic mission or consular post of Romania is located and who can make the proof of their legal status on the territory of that state;
  • Nationals of states where Romania is not represented by a career diplomatic mission or a consular post;
  • Third-country nationals temporarily and legally residing on the territory of a state where a diplomatic mission or consular post of Romania is accredited.

The aforementioned categories of third-country nationals can lodge applications for a Romanian visa as follows:

  • Personally;
  • Through a legal representative;
  • Through an accredited travel agency, in the case of organized trips;
  • Through the legal representative of the tourist group, in the case of group traveling.


Last update: 25.10.2019

15th and 16th of Аugust 2019 are non-working days


Romanian Embassy informs that 15th and 16th of Аugust 2019 are non-working days.

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