About Us

The Romanian Embassy in the Russian Federation is committed to promoting Romania’s relations with the Russian Federation in areas of common interest to both countries, based on pragmatic interest and mutual respect.

To this end, the Embassy’s activities fall within the mandate assigned to represent and promote Romanian-Russian relations, in the areas established by the “Treaty on Friendly Relations and Cooperation between Romania and the Russian Federation”, signed on the 4th of July, 2003.

This treaty, along with other legal instruments of bilateral cooperation, has lead to deepening the dialogue between Romanian and Russian institutions, with the Romanian Embassy playing an important role as facilitator.

Each of the mission’s departments contributes with its expertise and ideas to the developing of the cooperation agenda in cultural, economic and political areas.

Likewise, the entire team pays particular attention to defending the interests of the local Romanian community, solving various cases falling within its competence and preventing situations of abuse.

The Political Department supports the bilateral political relations and manages political topics of common interest.

The Economic Department focuses on developing the economic ties between the two countries, by providing assistance and support to Romanian and Russian businessmen wishing to expand their activity to the Russian Federation and Romania, respectively.

The Department for Culture, Science and Media is involved mainly in cultural diplomacy, by managing the bilateral relations on the topic and the student scholarships, ensuring the visibility of Romania and its policies in the local press and promoting the country’s image in Russia.

The Office of the Military Attaché facilitates the ties between the armed forces of the two countries.

The Consular Section addresses the need of information and assistance of Romanian and European Union citizens in the Russian Federation.

Also, it informs about the travel conditions to be met by Russian citizens wishing to travel to Romania and provides them with the necessary support to that end.

In fulfilling all of its functions, the Embassy coordinates its activities with the General Consulates of Romania in the Russian Federation (from Sankt-Petersburg and Rostov-pe-Don).

The Romanian Embassy in the Russian Federation aims to have an active role in identifying new projects and areas of cooperation with Russia, while at the same time promoting the interests of the Romanian state and of its citizens.







15th and 16th of Аugust 2019 are non-working days


Romanian Embassy informs that 15th and 16th of Аugust 2019 are non-working days.

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